Last week I had a surprise call from the Welsh Guards regiment. Their usual photographer was away on holiday and they wanted to know if I was available the next day to do a photoshoot for them. It turned out not to be just any photoshoot though! They wanted to know if I could be their official photographer for a surprise visit by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As you know, being a portrait photographer, event reportage photography is not my usual type of photography, but how could I say no to this amazing opportunity?!

The visit was to allow Prince Harry and Princess Megan to meet the families of the Welsh Guards at one of the regiment’s social centres. After my official briefing I took time to introduce myself to as many people as possible and to try and build a picture in my head of the route the royal couple would take. With this in mind I took up position and waited for their arrival.

The Guard’s organisation was great and the visit went precisely to plan and I got lots of candid shots of the couple and the families that they were there to meet.

I haven’t met Harry and Megan before (obviously! :-), so I was struck by just how natural they were. They may be royalty, but they are friendly, down to earth and incredibly engaging with the mothers and their children. Even when the children were starting to get a little tetchy and a few tantrums were thrown, they demonstrated what great understanding parents they are.

Talking to people afterwards they enjoyed the visit and were hoping for another surprise visit, whenever that will be! I had a great time too and the images from the visit have been shared with the Welsh Guards and their families.

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